Reconnecting with the Cadillac

When most people think of Pilates, the reformer comes to mind. It is a staple in group classes and with good reason: the reformer provides palpable feedback and resistance for the student, unlike the mat which can leave newer devotees feeling a little lost in space. Once you've practiced on a Cadillac, however, it is hard to get the feeling out of your head (or your body). Even when I've had the luxury of swapping between the Cadillac and reformer in semi-private sessions it always left me wanting more.

The myriad of exercises unique to the Cadillac plus endless variations of mat and reformer exercises that can be transferred in one way or another to fit the springs, hand loops, foot loops, roll down bars, push through bars, and trapeze bars make it an adult jungle gym. In March my mentor, Jennie, guided me through the classical iterations of the Cadillac exercises, helping me understand them more in my own body and pushing me to be as knowledgeable and hands-on as possible with my clients.

The luxury of working on a Cadillac is unlike anything else. You have a large table to sprawl out on, upright bars to push your hands and feet into, plus all the other bells and whistles. It was humbling to approach exercises from a classical perspective and empowering to conquer the more acrobatic feats like candlestick, bat, and the walk-over.

Unfortunately as March came to it's end, so did my regular time on the Cadillac as we moved on to the next apparatus. Though I could steal a few minutes here and there when I'm at the studio in between classes and privates, I still felt like I needed to spend more quality time with the machine. I want to be able to confidently teach my clients on all the equipment and to be confident I need to be comfortable. I wanted my own Cadillac for my studio! (Honestly, I've wanted one since I got certified in the first place)

I think I finally projected enough Cadillac-wanting energy! I picked up my very own Cadillac last week and it is in the studio, ready to go for my clients this week. I am so excited to share the movement possible on this versatile piece of equipment. If you’ve never tried, I highly recommend booking a session to see what it’s all about!


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